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Ellen Bell
(text collage prints)

Jackie Calderwood
(creative mapping / colour grids workshop)

Janine Harrington
(extended dance/writing presentation: 'centres')

Alison Gibb
(displayed book, found text workshop)

Waldemar Pranckiewicz
(interactive spam poetry)

Kate Wiggs
(essay cakes)

Maura Hazelden
(performance, weaving bact-to-back with reading)

Elizabeth Guthrie
(performance, drawing a line, sound)

Alexandrina Hemsley
(dancer and writer co-respond)

Steve Willey
(reading with projected visual poetry)

Anne-Laure Misme
(video/object/sound installation)

Sarah Kelly
(sound piece and installed line)

Katerina Paramana
(performers and objects)

Chris Mcmillan
(performance of eucharist)

Eirini Kartsaki
(vocal performance)

Heather Connelly
(performance interruptions)

Joanna Sperryn-Jones
(post-it thesis installation)

David Berridge
(talk on character)

Jennifer Jarman
(multi-media performance lecture)

Isabelle Parkinson
(presentation: after Stein)

Fiona James & Jane Frances Dunlop
(performance essay for 2 people)

Dave Loder
(film and artist manifesto)

Fiona Hanley
(presentation: wait/weight of the page)

Jacqueline Taylor
(presentation: utilizing l'écriture féminine)

Neil Chapman
(spontaneous talk: liveliness)

Lee Campbell
(presentation with live painting)

E.H. Cocker 
(reading with artworks)